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At the core of our mission is for our students to know God better and to feel His presence in their lives. We have shepherding wherein the students are grouped in small numbers so that each mentor can really share the word of God in a personal way. We have the mission to transform the students for the better and the "Houses of Bintang Mulia" came about. We divided the students into "houses" so the mentors will get to know them better. Bintang Mulia Junior High School has grown through the years. Yet, our journey is far from over. We will do our best to keep on improving so that we can provide the best education for your loved ones. Hand in hand, we can take the journey together in providing a Holistic, Integrative, Transformative and Sound education for our loved ones. We give our heartfelt thanks for trusting us. God bless us all

Sekolah Bintang Mulia

Jl. Raden Rangga Kencana No.1, Bandung

Phone: 085353995055